Price: $300

State: Texas
City: Pasadena
Zip code: 77506
Type: Pets

This amazing intelligent young lady is in need of a forever loving home. I'm fostering her at the moment and I'm in no hurry to just let her go to any home. She's a very special lady dog to me and I want to make sure she goes to a very good home. She is potty trained and knows a couple of tricks lol. She is an indoor dog & I need to make sure that whoever does adopt her will not let her go potty or play outside by herself. Dogs are like children they will get into anything or they could also get stolen or ran over. I will NOT let her go to just anyone. I will need to know about who's adopting her, how many in the family etc and I would like to visit your home. There is a rehoming fee, even though money is not the big factor here. The purpose to the rehoming fee is to make sure that you can afford her, as dogs are like children they need food, shots, grooming etc.You can contact me at 281 236 , no emails please.